5-Day Meditation Retreat in Germany with Upali

Join Upali for a five-day retreat in the Bavaria region of Germany at Seminarhaus Sulzbrunn. The retreat will be held in noble silence, giving you the best opportunity to deepen your meditation practice without any distractions. The retreat will include extended periods of meditation, evening Dharma talks, one-on-one meditation interviews with Upali, nourishing food, and plenty of time to connect with nature.

Below, you’ll find information about the retreat and how to register.

When: May 29th – June 2nd, 2024

Where: Sulzberg, Germany

How much does it cost?
Upali offers the retreat at cost, which includes a registration fee of USD 159 paid through the registration form below and room and board ranging between 225 euros and 395 euros paid to the retreat center.

At the end of the retreat, Dana (generosity) may be given to Upali for the teachings.

What’s Dana?
Dana is a Pali word that means generosity. It’s an ancient practice of supporting Dharma. Upali offers retreats on Dana with the intent of sustainability, which he hopes makes retreats accessible for participants from various financial backgrounds while sustaining the Dharma he teaches. Upali will explain more about Dana, including how to give, at the end of the retreat.

Well, that all sounds great to me. How do I register?

Registration has two parts: one with Upali and the other with the retreat center.

Step 1: Fill out the form below and submit payment.
Step 2: After submitting the registration fee, you’ll receive an email with the registration link for Room and Board through the retreat center. (Check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox).


More FAQ:

I’m a student and/or tight on cash right now. Even though you offer the retreat at cost, is it possible to get a discount?
If you’d like to attend this retreat but can’t afford part or all of the retreat costs (including Dana), please apply for a scholarship at opendharmafoundation.org

I’ve never been on a retreat with Upali. What’s it like?
Check out this retreat FAQ page for general silent retreat information.

Are there any expectations of me on the retreat?
Please be sure to read the Community Code of Conduct for this retreat. It begins based on the five precepts; part of completing registration is agreeing to it.

Can I get a ride to the retreat center?
While you’re ultimately responsible for your arrival at the retreat center, Upali will help organize carpooling since the retreat center is fairly remote.

*The registration fee with Upali is non-refundable. Please be sure you can attend the retreat before you register, as dropping out will cause you to lose your registration fee and possibly prevent someone else from attending.