Silent Meditation Retreat with Upali in Sewanee, Tennessee

Join Upali for a 4-day retreat in the beautiful and natural surroundings of the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. The retreat will be held in noble silence, which means you will have the best opportunity to deepen your meditation practice without distraction. The week will include extended periods for silent meditation, evening dharma talks, and 1:1 meditation interviews with Upali. Registration can be found below.

When: September 23rd – 26th, 2021

Where: St Mary’s Sewanee, Tennessee

Cost: Varies by housing choice and ranges from $320 to $410. Cost does not include Upali’s teachings which are supported by the ancient practice of Dana or generosity which is given at the end of retreat.

Scholarship: If you’d like to attend this retreat but can’t afford part or all of the retreat costs (including Dana), please apply for a scholarship at

More about St. Mary’s Sewanee and this retreat
St Mary’s is a beautiful place with sweeping views of the valley it overlooks. Located less than an hour from Chattanooga and 2.5 hours from Atlanta, St. Mary’s focuses on spiritual growth and serves as an excellent space for retreat. The facility is connected with the outdoors and is in some aspects, rustic. The housing available is dorm room style meaning even if you choose an individual room, you will still have a shared bathroom. Upali’s retreat will have its own meditation hall, and weather permitting, there are also idyllic places to meditate just outside of the hall. Come prepared with clothing that can keep you warm and dry if needed and also protection from bugs and sun. Having a headlamp or flashlight might also come in handy. St. Mary’s does provide bedding. Also, note that because the retreat center is large enough and the group will be small enough, a portion (but not all) of your time on retreat at the dining hall will be shared with another contemplative group. Other than the dining hall, living and meditation spaces will be reserved for Upali’s retreat group. Finally, there will be a fair amount of walking involved at this retreat center. Being able to navigate stairs and ramps is necessary to feel comfortable here. If you have any questions about this retreat and the retreat center, feel free to email

Schedule and FAQ
You can find an example of what the schedule might be like here. You can also find answers to general questions about silent retreat here.

Registration fees are refundable minus transaction fees up until July 1st, partially refundable through July 31st and non-refundable starting August 1st . Please be sure that you can attend the retreat before you register as dropping out may cause you to lose your registration fee and possibly prevent someone else from attending.