Online Retreat with Upasaka Upali & Tucker Peck, Ph.D.

Friday, June 5th – Sunday, June 14th, 2020

About the retreat

The online retreat will have three main components that are very similar to an in-person retreat. They include group meditation, Dharma Talks, and 1:1 Interviews with Upali. The retreat happens over Zoom, which is a fairly seamless video conferencing software. It’s free to download the software, and once you have the zoom link, all you have to do is click it to join the meditation fun! To receive the link, just register below, and it will arrive in your inbox.

The Schedule

This retreat is designed to support your practice in whatever form that takes. That means that you don’t have to attend 100% of the schedule to participate. Feel free to use the schedule in a way that works for you, whether that means dropping in for dharma talks, doing specific meditation blocks, or doing an hour sit here and there during the week or weekend. You can also tailor the schedule to fit your timezone, but please try to stick with the general flow of seated and walking meditation in the meditation hall.

Weekend Option

You are welcome to attend the retreat from Friday through Sunday as a weekend retreat. Upali would be happy to do one or two meditation interviews with you over the weekend.

Group Meditation/Meditation Hall

We’ll call our main video chat room the “Meditation Hall.” Three times a day there will be 3 to 4-hour blocks where you can meditate in the hall with fellow meditators. It might feel a bit silly to meditate in front of your computer, but this actually works quite well for accountability at home! Please do your best to set up a comfortable meditation spot in front of your screen. Sit in front of the screen for seated meditation, and feel free to go where you’d like for walking meditation, but you can still leave your screen on while walking.

Dharma Talks

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights Upali will host a dharma talk in the Meditation Hall. He will also host a closing ceremony in the meditation hall on Sunday. This will be a space for everyone to come together and talk about their practice and meditation in general. The talks are in a Q & A format and typically last for 1.5 hours. Sometimes they also include a guided meditation.

1:1 Meditation Interviews & Office Hours

Interviews are where you can talk one on one about your meditation practice with Upali. It’s a way for you to get more personalized instruction and also express what’s actually happening when you meditate, which can be hugely beneficial to your practice. The interviews will last between 15 and 20 minutes. You will meet every other day with Upali, and if you need extra time to talk, there will be office hours beyond the scheduled 1:1 times. You will receive the interview schedule and office hours on Sunday night.

Interviews happen through breakout rooms in Zoom. All you need to do is be present in the meditation hall, and I will send you a link for our private 1:1 meeting that will take you to a separate video chat room.

Questions? Just email if you have questions about participating in the retreat.

If you have any special instructions or comments, put them here.