10 Steps to Saving the World

1) Take up a practice, probably spiritual, in which you realize that the size of your existence is equivalent to one drop of water in an endless ocean.
2) Understand that any action you take to save the world is the equivalent of throwing a pebble in a river expecting the river to be dammed.
3) Stop seeing yourself as separate from everyone else. Stop ultrahumanizing people who suffer and dehumanizing yourself, saying that your suffering isn’t significant. Acknowledge that the only reason you care about suffering in the world is because you suffer.
4) Go to therapy. Make friends. Eat well. Be healthy. Take care of yourself.
5) Examine your intentions. Be clear on what they are. Recognize intention is the only thing you have control over. Lose attachment to outcomes.
6) Take action with no expectations. Keep examining intention and understand your actions come from a place of love, not self-gratification. Watch your actions bring you closer to the people you love instead of estranging you from them.
7) See things clearly for the very first time.
8) Fall in love.
9) Die.
10) Start over

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